The Next Generation of Treatments

Reshape Your Gains

FITPAL prescribes YOU ultimate Weight MANAGEMENT PLAN that works with your biology

The Next Generation of Treatments
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The Next Generation of Treatments


Prescription Care

If appropriate, your Clinician might prescribe FDA-approved medications like GLP-1s

Insurance Coordinator

Your Care Team helps you maximize your insurance coverage of the medications

Nutrition plan

Develop a personalized plan with your Dietitian to sustain your progress

Fitness plan

Build on your progress with a fitness plan developed with your Fitness Coach

Clinician check-ins

Meet with your Clinician to adjust your plan and make sure it works for you

Companion app

Log your progress, request refills, and message with your Care Team through the web app

15% Average body weight lost*
GLP-1 Medications, if appropriate*
FSA/HSA Savings card accepted

Scientific breakthrough

Recent scientific discoveries offer insight into how our hormones and body change over time — and how that impacts whether we’ll gain or lose weight. It comes down to the relationship between our brains and our guts.

A new family of medications called GLP-1s address these biological factors head-on

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Withins scale
Smart Tape Measure

Cellular Smart Scale and Smart Bluetooth Body Measurement included with the program

Ready To Lose Weight?

GLP-1s are meant to be used in conjunction with lifestyle changes. That’s why we include dietitian and fitness visits.


At-home weight loss program, start in 5 minutes

A new kind of weight loss program


At-home weight loss program, start in 5 minutes

A new kind of weight loss program

Take our 5-minute quiz

Tell us about your medical history and weight journey to see if you’re a good fit for Sequence.

Meet Your

Meet with your board-certified clinician to review your assessment and develop your treatment plan.


A platform that connects you to Dietitians.

Your clinician will consider appropriate medications for you in many cases , GLP-1s.

Measure your Progress.

Take a nutrition assessment to set a baseline for your eating habits and review your biometrics and health history with your personal dietitian.


online Weight loss prescription

Fitpal doctors prescribe a variety of GLP-1 medications, including semaglutide and liraglutide, which you may know under brand names like Wegovy®, Saxenda®, Ozempic®, or Mounjaro®.

who care

Our team of medical advisors and weight loss clinicians is led by Dr. Jone Nadolsky, a lipid specialist certified with the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

The Next Generation of Treatments

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Not eligible for Glp-1’s and looking for alternative diet plans? Take our -a short-yet detail quiz here to tailor a custom plan for you...

A pal that has your back!

As a premier nutrition and meal prep platform, FitPal boasts a team of certified dietitians across the country available to assist you on your fitness ride.

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Track your diet, exercise, and health data.

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Fitness Data
Meal & Exercise

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Keto meal plans tailored to you.

FitPal was built to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Leave the menu planning and cooking to us, and nourish your body with meals that will leave you looking as good as you feel.

Get your groceries.

Use your convenient grocery list to shop or get your groceries delivered through Instacart, Amazon Fresh or Walmart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can choose your own meals or have our partnered Dietitian or Nutritionist or A.I choose your meals based on your preference..