Coming this year! FitPal HRV Wearable

A slim, flexible, waterproof, HRV wearable device that provides valuable insight on all areas of your fitness and health.

FitPal Wearable

Stress Management Systems

Tools designed to improve your health and mitigate negative impact of the stress on your body.

Stress Management Systems

Health Assessment Systems

Comprehensive assessment of the autonomic function by means of doing different tests or real-time monitoring

Health Assessment Systems

FitPal is the global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of Heart Rate Variability products. The company was founded in 1996 as a Research and Development Company. Specifically, FitPal develops biomedical software and hardware products designed to monitor physiology for research and educational purposes. Currently our focus is on developing state of the art Heart Rate Variability products that fit the needs of researchers, consumers, educational, corporate, fitness and professional services.

Our products are being used in major educational institutes in USA and around the world, such as: Stanford University, AT Still University, East Carolina University, Royal University Hospital, Baylor University, Los Alamos National Laboratory, North Carolina State University, Michigan State University, Injury Research Center, University of Strathclyde and many others.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Basics

It is believed that Heart Rate Variability (HRV) will become as common as pulse, blood pressure or temperature in patient charts in the near future. In the last ten years more than 2000 published articles have been written about HRV…

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Health Risk Diagnosis and HRV

Health risk diagnosis is a profoundly important aspect of practice for all health care professionals. New technology has emerged that enables health practitioners to quickly monitor the subtle changes in the vibratory rates of…

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Detecting cancer on early stage

At this time mankind is facing one of the most dangerous health hazards – cancer. For many decades scientists work hard trying to find a cure. However it is still not around the corner. Cancer is among the top killer diseases…

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  • We believe that this is a substantial evidence of accuracy, reliability and reproducibility of HRV results obtained from Biocom HRV equipment and shows its compliance with existing international standards of HRV analysis utilized in modern scientific practice.

    O.I. Orlov M.D., PhD
    O.I. Orlov M.D., PhD First Deputy Director of Institute of Medical and Biological Problems
  • We have used the professional HRV technology created by the researchers who are behind FitPal for over 15 years. I’m sure FitPal will become an excellent tool for people who want to track and improve their health and fitness. I am looking forward to having it available.

    Joanne Callahan
    Joanne Callahan President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.
  • Heart Rhythm Scanner Professional and Heart Wizard are very efficient tools for assessment of health risks and occupational suitability of the subjects being tested. So they are strongly recommended for various professional applications in healthcare and physiological studies.

    R.M. Bayevsky, M.D., PhD
    R.M. Bayevsky, M.D., PhD Chief Research Scientist, Head of Lab of Cardiovascular Autonomic Regulation
  • The Center for Applied Psychophysiology at East Carolina University has a long history of research collaboration with Biocom whose team created FitPal. We utilize their professional HRV products and have conducted multiple studies on their technologies. FitPal offers multiple benefits of HRV measurement and analysis. FitPal will quickly become a partner for people in their endeavors of achieving greater health and fitness.

    Carmen V. Russoniello, PhD., LRT, LPC, BCB, BCN
    Carmen V. Russoniello, PhD., LRT, LPC, BCB, BCN East Carolina University