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America’s Pal for real fitness Results

Fitpal empowers individuals to take control of their health and fitness goals.

Fitpal was founded to integrate all facets of your fitness journey into one user-friendly platform.

By providing users with hassle-free guidance, eating plans and meal kits, and holding them accountable along the way, Fitpal represents a forward leap for healthier living.




Our platform is uniquely geared to serve your fitness objectives, with certified dietitians catering to your personal needs.

With over a million recipes, meal plans and ready-to-order meal kits at your fingertips, you are ready to eat what’s right for you.

Fitpal technology holds you accountable and allows you to seamlessly track your progress with a wide range of detailed data reporting.


Fitpal is the brainchild of fitness technology pioneers aiming to combine the many facets of every user’s personal journey into one service that takes you where you’ve long wanted to go.

After 25 years of service as formerly registered pharmacist, Patrick Edouard, now retired, recommended his former patients to countless Dietitians and Nutritionist for weight loss programs. He also had many patients that tried to diet on their own without any intervention from a professional through diet fads, books, and word-of-mouth. After hearing from patients that numerous diet plans that failed to work when patients tried to lose weight on their own without any supervision, he found that his aging patients facing an obesity problem and growing list of medical concerns that required intensive intervention.

“Not being a fan of gyms and exercise, I thought there had to be a better way to lose weight, so I spent a few years learning about healthy living and wellness,” he recalls. “While there were a number of available fitness devices used to track metabolism and calories, what was missing was accountability in nutrition—basically, having a coach telling you what to eat, when to eat and how to eat.”

Patrick put an ad out seeking dietitians and nutritionists. In interviewing over 1,500 candidates across the country, he quickly learned that there’s no one roadmap to success. Each client needs a plan that works for them, and it can only work as desired if they diligently track their progress by journaling their daily food intake and activities. The common denominator was accountability!

During his time as a pharmacist, Patrick observed that patients that opted and invested in professional counseling for weight loss, he saw an average weight loss as much as 25 lbs in less than six months by being held accountable and checking daily with their diet coach.



“I realized that this need is universal, and that led me to launch Fitpal.”

By offering everything from meal planning
to the meals themselves, and personalized roadmaps to tools for monitoring their implementation, Fitpal helps members stay on track and finally get over their health and fitness humps.

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The future you begins with Fitpal.

The platform was built on the premise that you don’t lack motivation, access, or ability to actualize your fitness goals. Fitpal’s extensive market research indicated that more than anything, it is convenience and proper guidance that leaves individuals disappointed and exasperated.


You are what you eat. Eat better with Fitpal.