Jul 1, 2023

Andrea Berez

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Andrea is a Registered Dietitian and a specialist in pediatric and family nutrition. She has over 20 years of experience working with adults, young people, kids and families with eating, feeding and weight issues, as well as health issues such as eating disorders, food allergies and intolerances, IBS and functional stomach issues, PCOS, prediabetes, high cholesterol, amongst many others.

Andrea has a passion for helping people get to the root cause of their issues, and to help set personalized, achievable goals with the use of motivational interviewing skills and mindful eating techniques. She has also had training in integrative and functional nutrition, which allows her to take a holistic approach when working with her clients.

Most recently, Andrea has begun working with women who have been struggling with their personal wellness journeys. Most of these women are moms such as herself, who lead very busy, hectic lives and want to take better care of themselves and be good role models for their families.

Andrea has helped to create and implement a number of weight management programs throughout her career, both in the clinic and community setting, as well as in-person and virtual. Seeing her clients and patients overcome their greatest obstacles and achieve their lifestyle and wellness goals allows her to continue to be as passionate as ever about her career.

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