Dec 8, 2022

Carissa Vega

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Carissa Vega, L.D. is a seasoned Dietitian with over 27 years of experience, dedicated to improving the lives of her patients through evidence-based nutritional practices. With a strong background in cardiology nutrition, weight loss, and diabetes management, Carissa brings a wealth of expertise to her role. 

As a firm believer in the power of personalized care, Carissa takes the time to connect with her patients on a deeper level. She understands that healing goes beyond providing dietary recommendations; it involves truly understanding her patients’ challenges and addressing them holistically. Carissa creates a relaxed environment that encourages open communication, allowing her to build strong relationships and gain valuable insights into her patients’ struggles. 

Weight reduction, healthy eating habits, and developing a proper exercise regimen are common challenges faced by Carissa’s patients. She recognizes that life is dynamic, and factors such as age, family, and work can impact one’s health journey. Drawing from her own personal challenges, Carissa shares her experiences with her patients, fostering a sense of empathy and relatability. By “walking the walk,” she serves as an inspiring role model, showcasing the positive behaviors she encourages in her patients. 

Carissa embraces the vibrant Florida lifestyle, and it is evident in her active pursuits. Whether she’s paddleboarding, running, or simply enjoying the warmth of the Florida sun, she embodies the importance of incorporating physical activity and outdoor enjoyment into a healthy lifestyle. 

With her extensive experience, compassionate approach, and commitment to ongoing education, Carissa Vega, L.D. continues to make a significant impact in the field of nutrition. Her dedication to empowering her patients to make positive changes and her embodiment of a healthy lifestyle make her a trusted ally in their journey toward optimal health and well-being. 


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