At FitPal we know that Step Count, Heart Rate, Sleep Quality and Distance Walked provides helpful information on your path to an overall healthy lifestyle. Yet this information is limited. Each heartbeat gives an in-depth explanation about what is really going on. This analysis can bring true insight into the activities of your life and what that means to you.

FitPal has designed a complete and comprehensive Heart Rate Analysis platform and wearable device. By combining decades of research and experience with the latest technologies available, FitPal provides a detailed look at your Fitness, Stress, Sleep and overall Wellness. Our team of Medical Doctors & Scientists have perfected the interpretation of heart readings, providing an infinitely greater solution than other hear rate wearables available today. Whether you are looking to boost your performance to the next level or are in need of practical health improvements, FitPal can provide the information you need to reach your goals.

Stress Measurements

Relax Score
The result of paced breathing biofeedback training session

How stable the score was during the session time

Current Stress Level
Stress level is estimated based on a special algorithm of analysis of HR readings recorded.

Daily stress
Time duration with stress above normal, for today only

Physical Stress
Time duration with physical stress stress, for today only

Emotional Stress
Time duration with emotional stress, for today only

Stress Recovery Index
Ratio of Time duration with stress / Time duration with rest

Body Temperature
Body temperature increases during exercise giving exercise intensity

Fitness Measurements

Resting HR
Mean HR at the time you wake up and still remain in bed.

Fitness Capacity
This parameter is obtained from a standard standup test to show how ready you are to do an exercise now.

Recovery Rate
Number of heartbeats dropped in 1 minute after stopping exercise upon achieving the ceiling of fat burning zone (70% of Max HR).

Full Recovery Time
Time in minutes when HR drops to its baseline (before exercise) from 70% of Max HR.

Active Time
Total minutes in 24-hr cycle when physical activity level is above X METs

Total number of steps in 24-hr cycle

Real-Time HR
Real-time heart rate information.

Total Energy
Real-time heart rate information.

Total Calories
Number of calories burned within 24-hr

Max Calorie Burn Rate
Calculated from peak METs

Average Calorie Burn Rate
Calculated from avg METs

Peak Exercise HR
Highest HR associated with intense activity detected by accelerometer

Non-Exercise HR Variability
Variations in HR occurred when no apparent activity

Average HR
Mean HR value for certain period

Breaths Per minute
Number of breaths per minute

Number of miles to walk for 24-hr period

Peak METs
Metabolic equivalent of task

Baseline HR
Non-exercise mean HR

End Exercise HR
Similar to peak exercise HR

Sleep Measurements

Sleep Time
Total time in bed

Active Time
Total time of movements in bed

Sleep Quality
(Sleep Time – Active Time)/Sleep Time *100

Average HR
Average Heart Rate during the sleep

Max HR
Maximum Heart Rate during the sleep

Min HR
Minimum Heart Rate during the sleep

The entire chart of BPMs throughout the night

Time in Position
Map out the positions the user was in and how much time they spent in each position

Number of position changes
How many times the user changed position in bed during the sleep

Number of wakeups
How many times Active Times were detected during the sleep